Kstar announces a new generation containerized data center for edge application

Critical infrastructure solution provider Kstar today announced a new generation of containerized data center solution IDB.IDB is a modular, all-in-one data center solution inside an ISO-standard 40ft or 20ft container. The company said it can be shipped anywhere in the world and installed within a day, making it a flexible and scalable solution for cloud and edge application.

kstar 20ft container data center solution

IDB containerized data center consises of two versions:20ft and 40ft solution. The 20ft container supports five racks with 30kW of power, backed up by 60kVA rack-mounted UPS. This version has 30 minutes long backup time.The 40ft version fits ten racks and supplies 80kW of IT power protected by 120kVA rack-mounted UPS with 8 minute backup time. Both versions adopt row-cooling systems to enhance cooling performance. In addition, hot aisles and cold aisles are isolated from each other to eliminate airflow mixing and improve the overall cooling efficiency of the data center.

tunkey data center container solution_副本

To provide better remote control, IDB is equipped with sophisticated management and monitoring solutions including power, energy, assets, work orders, security, capacity management, and more.

"The containerized data center functions a foundation for cloud computing in enterprise data centers. It meets the requirements for fast deployment and reliable protection. It can not only be used for harsh outdoor environments but also for places where building a data center is nigh impossible such as disaster relief operations, military operations, oil exploration."Mr Li,the marketing manager of Kstar said.

Along with IDU micro data center solution, IDM  medium data center solution and IOU outdoor micro data center solution, Kstar has launched a complete modular data center solution to chase the business opportunity in building edge data centers in markets boosted by content, cloud, and telecommunications companies that need to reduce network latency for their end-users and cut their data transport costs. 

kstar modualr data center

"Data is growing faster ever before, so as the demand for data cetner construction. Modular data center in container benefits form easy deployment, installation and expansion. Whether for temporary or permanent data center, it goes as you pay.  It may become the top choice for data center operators in 5g, IoT and edge computing environments." added MR Li.

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