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To meet the demand of high power density & low PUE in the future, Kstar releases a new generation smart modular data center solution with complete integration of power supply, distribution systems, battery, cooling system,fire-proctection,cabinets and etc..With modular design for all products, factory pre-installation, pre-test and whole-package transportation, field installation requires only basic combined cabinet assembly for plug and play and rapid deployment.

Energy saving
The leap of the scale of data center led to dramatic increase of operation costs, of which the electric power cost is one of the main factors. How to improve power utilization efficiency (reduce PUE) has become a big problem for data centers. 

Rapid deployment and expansion
With respect to the construction of data centers, modularization concept has gradually been accepted by the public and certainly become the application trend. Modular data center allows prefabrication so as to significantly shorten the construction period.  

Security and Intelligence
In consideration of operation and maintenance manpower cost, data center manufacturer has introduced the automatic operation and maintenance of data centers, enhance the operation and maintenance efficiency and improve customer experience. Security isn't just about safety measures such as firewall, IPS/IDS, intrusion detection and antivirus, it also includes countermeasures of data centers for fire, earthquake and other disasters. 

Customer Value
 High efficiency
 Integrated solution system integrating cabinet, power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and comprehensive wiring; modular UPS is adopted to ensure that the power supply and distribution system is in reasonable loading rate range and to improve power supply efficiency; row-level cooling unit is adopted in combination with closed cooling/heating channel to improve the cooling efficiency. The intelligent micro-module covers a little area to increase the unit building area utilization rate.
 Energy saving
 Achieve quick installation, shorten construction period, reduce construction cost and improve efficiency. The closed channel improves the overall cooling efficiency of the data center and reduces total cost. The micro-module product is characterized by a PUE lower than 1.3 and achieves an energy saving rate of over 40% compared to traditional data center. Expansion can be made during the use of the product. The expansion can be upgraded according to the subsequent development situation so as to save cost.
 Modular design supports demand-based construction and step-by-step implementation and shortens the construction period; non-engineering design makes equipment-type, rapid and personalized construction of data centers possible; according to the size of the data center and unit cabinet power consumption, single row or double rows can be selected flexibly so as to the meet the requirements of expansion. Enterprise web and internal transaction shall be adapted; server, storage and network equipment shall be installed flexibly in IT cabinet.
 The power supply and distribution system adopts 2N to achieve redundancy design, meet data center design requirements and improve security level. The top of the closed cooling channel adopts movable roof which is interconnected with the firefighting system, but it has no influence on the gas fire extinguishing system; integrated products from the same manufacturer ensures coordination of various systems and avoids compatibility problem; isolation of strong current and weak current reduces electromagnetic interference.
Embedded network monitoring equipment is adopted to realize remote monitoring and functional module management easily. Various sensors and collectors are adopted to achieve continuous real-time monitoring of function modules in the data center. The intelligent monitoring system for dynamic environment is able to meet the needs of the data center administrator for multi-way management and send out real-time alarm information; PPT report output provides the data center administrator with true operation and maintenance data so as to reduce the work load; Virtual 3D interface can find the accurate position of various equipment and sensors to achieve quick response.

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