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Does Kstar has Lithium-ion battery UPS?

Yes, Kstar has Lithium-ion battery UPS. In fact Kstar has used Li-ion batteries for its IDU micro data center solutions, IDM small and medium data center solutions, single-phase UPS, three-phase, modular UPS, and even inverter products.

photo of lithium-ion battery and li-ion UPS

Li-ion batteries are the trend. Kstar enters in the field for more than three years. In January 2019, Kstar cooperated with CATL, the world's largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, to establish a joint venture company specializing in the research and development and production of UPS  lithium-ion batteries and energy storage products, with an investment of 30 million US dollars and a 49% stake.

Because the lithium-ion battery's market acceptance rate is not very high, so we mainly customized for some big projects in the domestic market and global market. But We also do some standard type promoting to the oversea market to match with commercial or household usage. Below is our 1-3k ONLINE lithium-ion UPS and on-grid hybrid inverter backup with  Li-ion battery pack for your reference,  this is our standard Li-ion battery type.

Kstar online lithium-ion UPS

UDC lithium-ion battery UPS and lithium-ion battery PACK are the new generations of on-line double-conversion lithium-ion battery products of Kstar. Equipped with a self-developed intelligent battery management system(BMS) and self-developed lithium-ion battery Pack, the products are more reliable.

The lithium-ion battery has a cycle time of greater than 2000 times, which makes UPS maintenance-free possible and saving time& money spent on labor and replacement batteries. Meanwhile, the built-in  lithium battery reduces the weight of ups and improves the overall performance and power density of UPS.


·Full-series optional lithium battery configuration with smaller size.
·lighter weight, further improvement in power density.
·Self-research intelligent BMS and lithium battery pack, better guarantee battery life and comply with ups operation characteristics.
·BMS has multiple functional failure detection, better ensures the safety and reliability of lithium batteries.
·Lithium-ion batteries have a long cycle of life, more than 2000 cycles or 8-year service cycles.
·Maintenance-free, reducing post-maintenance cost.
·More environmentally friendly, free of heavy metal pollution such as lead.
·High-temperature tolerance of-20 ℃~60℃
·On-line double conversion.
·Wide voltage input range (110~ 300VAC).
·Digital control technology, better performance, better protection.
·LCD can set charging current,some models can support up to 12a charging.
·Full series development with output power factor optional 0.8/ 0.9 / 1.0
·Emergency shutdown function(EPO).
·Energy-saving mode.
·Complete accessories, serial port, USB, HID, SNPM card, etc.

If you want to learn more about Kstar Lithium battery for ups, feel free to contact our sales department: sales@kstar.com