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UPS monitoring software-RUPS 2000 

An effective UPS power monitoring software gives you critical insights on battery charge, performance and sends you alerts on critical.RUPS 2000 is such a UPS monitoring that continuously checks the status of system AC power and UPS battery condition. Conbined with ClientMate, RUPS 2000 could be as server software, helping CilentMates get  UPS status from RUPS 2000.  if any abnormal condition occures, it will send out warning message to inform user and shut down the system after a pre-setting delay time.  For example,RUPS 2000 notifies you of any power outages or imminent server shutdown in real time and reduces the risk of losing data due to events that cause major power failures. This permits faster resolution and handling of the network, server, and service outages. 

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General Features:

  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to install 
  • Open collector interface