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Which is the best practice for data center cooling?

Air-based Cooling,liquid based cooling , cold or hot aisle air containment, closed coupled cooling technology,are the most common datacenter cooling methods. However,there are a number of factors that which decide which cooling system is the best for the data center, including:

·The amount of heat to be dissipated.
·The atmosphere/ environment to which the server is exposed.
·Space constraints.

We recommend you to combine cold or hot aisle air containment with closed coupled cooling technology to have greater efficiency. They are cost-effective comparied with liquid based cooling for small and medium data centersCold or hot aisle air containment works pretty well in reducing substantially the issues with “hot spots” and air mixing to improve the cooling efficency. While close-coupled air conditioning units focus cooling where it is needed. By moving the air conditioner closer to the equipment rack a more precise delivery of inlet air and a more immediate capture of exhaust air is ensured.The combination of these two technology is the best practise for many data centers. 

This is the application of the cooling system in the Kstar modular data center solution:

data center cooling best practise

This solution uses variable frequency energy-saving in-row air conditioners to eliminate hot spots and improve the carrying capacity of a single IT cabinet. At the same time, isolated cold and hot air technology is applicated to reduce energy consumption. In the way,lower PUE can be achieved as well.

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