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How much does it cost to buy a container data center?

The cost of a container data center depends on the cost of the total equipment you need to deploy in it. The container is a quite minimal cost when it is compared to the IT infrastructure (compute, storage, network) and critical infrastructure (power, cooling, control). The following is the estimatedcost of a data center in the container solution:

container data center price

First part:the cost of a container: 

You can search on the Internet and find that 20 Foot Shipping Container: retails at US$3,000. 40 Foot Standard Shipping Container: retails at the US $4500.

Secord Part:the cost of the data center infrastructure: 

Once all the infrastructure is known you are ready to start discussing the cost. The container data center supplier will quote according to the IT infrastructure you need in the container. 

Kstar containerized data center structure

How to find the cheapest one? 

Although it is a cost-effective data center solution for outdoor data centers and many other applications compared to the traditional data center. You still can find ways to reduce the cost of  purchasing a containerized data center.

First step:
Find a containerized data center supplier in China. Here is a tip:find a supplier that can manufacture all or most of the IT infrastructure(power, cooling, control) you need instead of a trader or solution provider.  

Second step:
Buy the whole solution from the manufacturer except the container.

Third step:
Order a container in your city so that you can save a lot of transportation fees and put the whole solution into the container when you received it. 

Introduction of Kstar IDB containerized data center solution:

Kstar IDB containerized data center solution is a turnkey solution for outdoor data center infrastructure, which can be quick deployment in a short time via factory pre-fabrication. These containerized data centers can be used in various industries and scenarios, they can also be used as an independent disaster recovery data center, which is the best solution for the outdoor small data center.

Unique highlights of Kstar's container data center solution 

1. Reliable and cost-effective: all key components (UPS, cooling, PDU, monitoring system, etc.) are self-developed and produced to ensure the consistency of the supply cycle; 

2. Various product lines, a wide selection of products: Different solutions can quickly meet your needs; 

3. Modular design: rapid deployment and replication; 

4. Industry-leading PUE, Kstar IDB has lower PUE 1.3, help you save the electricity bills, and protect the environment. 

5. Plug-in UPS design, high efficiency!

If you want to know more about the container data center price,pls e-mail:sales@kstar.com